What does the certificate look like?

Each candidate receives a certificate that is valid for two years.

This certificate shows:

  • the test centre name and session date;
  • the first and last names of the candidate;
  • the candidate code;
  • information related to: date of birth, nationality, country of birth and native language(s);
  • the test results: overall score and level;
  • results categorised by ability, score and level;
  • potentially, the marks obtained in the optional examinations (marked out of 20 points).

On the back, you will find a grid of the levels and key for the scores: a detailed grid for ability and an overall grid. The levels are indicated in terms of ability ("this person is able to... ") so that the end users for this certification (academic bodies or employers) can recognise that the certificate holder is able to understand or express themselves in French.