Réunion Island Centre

The CIEP Réunion Island Centre in Tampon is a partner and a prime mover in education cooperation in the Indian Ocean region.

Since October 1, 2001, the centre has taken over the activity of the Centre international de formation et d'études pédagogiques du Tampon (CIFEPT).

The Réunion Island Centre provides essential ground support for CIEP's programmes and initiatives in the Indian Ocean, whether in terms of education cooperation, internationalisation of the French education system, or in promoting French language teaching.

The Centre organises regular training courses on behalf of the cultural affairs departments of French embassies, the local education authority for Réunion Island, and for other institutions and education ministries from around the world. Examples include refresher courses in French language and in-service training for teachers and trainers of French as a foreign language.

Course content is developed in partnership with recipients after surveying participants' needs and commissioning authorities' requests.

Training themes cover a broad range of areas, such as language courses, teaching of speaking/writing skills, corrective phonetics, French and francophone literature, civilisation, and French spoken outside France.

Specific courses and fieldwork trips are also organized covering subjects such as using authentic documentary sources in the classroom, using ICTs in the classroom, approaches to translation, classroom methodologies, training for teaching inspectors, classroom observations, performing assessments and the "Test de connaissance du français" certificate.

Courses are led by university-qualified trainers with extensive practical and theoretical experience, thus enabling them to provide specialised pre-service and in-service training for teachers, education system administrators, inspectors and head teachers.

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