Foire aux questions - Language courses

Language courses for teachers employed by the French Education Ministry

Would you like to perfect your abilities in a foreign language, refresh your knowledge of another culture, or learn new language teaching skills?

  • Teachers of modern languages working in secondary schools
  • Teachers of History/Geography working in European sections
  • Primary school teachers
  • This course is gearted towards teachers who want to:
  • Perfect their abilities in a foreign language.
  • Learn new methods for language teaching and assessment.
  • Update their knowledge on civilisation, history, literature and culture.
  • Most courses take place during the summer holidays (July and August).
  • See special edition of Official Gazette no. 38 (17 October 2013).
  • Choose a course appropriate for personnel in your category.
  • Note the course reference number and dates.
  • Download the appropriate application form, depending on whether you are a primary or secondary teacher.
  • Fill out the application, keeping a photocopy for yourself, and give the original to your headteacher who then provide an appraisal.
  • Your headteacher will send your application to the regional education authority for endorsement by the appropriate inspection authorities.
  • Committees made up of representatives from the general inspection authorities, CIEP and foreign partners will be held in March 2014.
  • You will receive a preliminary reply in April 20014
  • If you are on the waiting list, you should notify CIEP of your availabilities so that you can be contacted at short notice.
  • If your application is accepted, you will receive a complete programme from our partners abroad within a month of confirmation.
  • Generally your training, accommodation and board will be fully subsidised by the Education Ministry. You will have to pay the round-trip ticket for travel to and from the country in which your course is organised.
    Training courses are generally only open to trainees. In certain special cases, arrangements can be made so that members of your family can come.
  • Please fill out the evaluation questionnaire for your course and send it on to CIEP. This gives us an idea of how the course went, and allows us to pass on your suggestions to the course's organisers.
  • When writing to CIEP or to your Académie, ask to have your course accredited by the Rectorat.