Discovering another education system
Luis (Portuguese)
"I very much enjoyed my time as a language assistant. It was the perfect opportunity to make new friends, improve my command of the French language and learn about another education system and administration. I also realised the issues involved in intercultural and multilingual communication. "

First teaching experience
Yana (Russian)
"During the school year I was able to organise extracurricular activities including a film club and internet sessions. In this way I helped to strengthen the links between Russia and France. My pupils were very enthusiastic, which confirms the need for this type of work and its effectiveness."

Facilitating learning
Katrin (German)

Introducing another language and culture to young children
Julia (Austrian)

Developing your knowledge of French language and culture
Matt (American)
"The teachers and I organised how I would use my time together and they gave me a lot of freedom to try out all the ideas I had, whilst at the same time helping me to prepare my lessons. I also improved my French significantly."

Representing your country
Irene (Mexican)
"The images of France that I had from books and magazines have come to life for me. Now, the stereotypes have been blown away and I have a real knowledge of the real and modern France, as well as having been able to achieve my wish of bringing an image of Mexico today to my pupils. I felt like a cultural ambassador for my country."

Experiencing a different pace of life
Yu (Chinese)

Introducing another language and culture to young pupils
Lisa, British assistant
"Being an assistant in a primary school was a wonderful experience and I think that teaching English in primary schools is something very positive that should be encouraged."

Developing people skills
Svetlana, Russian assistant
"I think that the welcome and support that I received from the Russian teacher and the school's management were excellent. My work gave me real satisfaction, all the more so as I got on very well with the pupils."

Discovering your vocation
Maria-Dolores, Spanish assistant
"My year as an assistant was a great experience and I developed a very rewarding rapport with the staff and pupils at the school. Thank you for this opportunity and experience, which has led me to decide on a future career in teaching."