Some examples of activities carried out by assistants

  • Inter-class dialogue with video recordings by pupils

  • Recording a musical CD-ROM
    "In preparation for a school exchange, pupils presented their favourite musical artists and song extracts on a CD-ROM that they sent to their exchange partners." 

  • Writing an article in English for the school newspaper
    "After studying the British press, secondary school pupils created their own newspaper in English following the British journalistic format. The newspaper is sold in the school."

  • Participation in the action campaign "Send My Friend To School" with presentation at the G8 Summit
    "Each year in Great Britain, a day is dedicated to humanitarian action.  In 2005, the campaign's aim was to convince G8 heads of state to do more to facilitate access to schooling for the millions of children who have no access to an education. Secondary school children had to draw a friend (each symbolising a children who wanted to go to school) and write a message in English on the back to the heads of state. The documents produced were presented at the G8 summit in Scotland. In preparation for this activity, pupils compared the way of life of children in 8 countries."

  • Setting up a pupil/teacher orchestra
    "Songs and music from the assistant's country with an end of year concert" 

  • Organisation of a "semaine festive" - a week focusing on and celebrating the assistant's country
    "During this week displays, lectures, parades and dance and music lessons were organised centring on the assistant's country.  Many subjects were involved in this project".

  • Making a video
    "Interviews were held on the life of the lycée and dubbed into Spanish; these were shown on the school's open days and the Spanish version was sent to the school's COMENIUS Spanish language partners."

  • Staging play performances in foreign languages 

  • Writing a play by pupils
    "The performance was filmed and then screened by the lycée".

  • Leadership of an "English Table"
    "Weekly conversation in English in the school" .