New Caledonia Education Authority

The education authority

Various geographical, historical, economic and cultural information is provided in the staff Livret d'Accueil handbook, available online on the website of the vice-education office.

The place of the teaching assistant within the education authority

Assistants are assigned (primarily) to lycées in the 3 provinces that make up New Caledonia for a period of 7 months, from March to October.

The assistant works under the teachers of the host school and is assigned the role of teaching auxiliary, helping to improve pupils' language skills. They are responsible for delivering lessons on civilisation-related topics and, in more general terms, should aim to develop an interest in the language and culture of their own country among the pupils and teachers at the school.

The assistant can either work alongside a teacher in a class that the latter is taking and coordinate a variety of exercises with a small group of pupils, or coordinate a variety of activities, such as helping to provide personal support.

The assistant may be called upon to help both the teachers and the pupils at the school on various occasions, such as during school trips, exchanges or exhibitions, as part of a drama group, with the publication of a newspaper, with academic correspondence, by coordinating various clubs or by producing teaching materials, among other things.

The rewarding contribution made by the assistant and their suggestions and initiative are very much appreciated and encouraged at all times.

Assistants may enrol at the University of New Caledonia (UNC - Nouméa) alongside their assistantship position for the purposes of taking classes and obtaining credits (with the permission of their home university), provided that this does not interfere with their primary role as a language assistant. If assistants are enrolled at a partner university, they may take French classes provided for foreign students free of charge. Assistants choosing to take classes at the UNC enjoy access to the university's various student services, including the university cafeteria, the library and computer facilities. In some cases, they may also be offered support with finding accommodation in university halls of residence.

As a collectivity of the French Republic and the “Overseas countries and territories”, associated with the European Union, the currency of New Caledonia is the Pacific Franc (Franc Pacifique  - CFP).

For more information see the international pages of the website run by the vice-education office of New Caledonia.


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