Clermont-Ferrand Education Authority

The education authority

Geographical location
The Auvergne region is located in central France, around 3 hours by train from Paris and 3 hours by car from the Mediterranean Sea.

Its cold, snowy winters and hot, dry summers provide the ideal conditions for engaging in a very wide variety of sports, including skiing, cycling and horse-riding.

Thanks to its very advanced road and rail network, assistants may be assigned to schools in the city centre or indeed in more rural locations.

Tourist and cultural attractions 
Clermont-Ferrand, historically associated with Michelin, is a city of research, innovation and cutting-edge technology, as well as an internationally-renowned centre of excellence in the higher education sphere and the world capital of the short film.
It is a young city, and one in which the priorities of  young people in terms of support , quality of life and  efficiency - be it of equipment, training, the digital environment, etc. - take precedence.

The place of the teaching assistant within the education authority

Host school setup
86% of the schools in the Clermont-Ferrand education authority are in the public sector, broken down as follows:
- 1,270 lower schools
- 145 collèges
- 55 lycées.

Specifics of the role of the assistant within the education authority
- to devise a series of activities designed to improve pupils' language skills (listening and oral);
- to assist teachers at the school (cooperation, assessment, preparation of documents, etc.);
- to organise socio-educational activities that reflect pupils' needs and the skills and personality of the assistant;
- to promote their own language and culture.


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