How will my personal data be handled?

The CIEP gathers certain data in order to allow you to take the TCF Canada under the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and the Canadian Citizenship Act.

The following information will be collected: family name, first name, date of birth, country of origin/nationality, native language, picture (which must be taken the day of the test at the testing site), signature (obtained on the day of the test), passport or official national identity card number.

Your personal data will be sent to the Canadian authorities and made accessible to them for a period of 10 years beginning the day of the test.

By registering for the TCF Canada, you authorize the CIEP to keep your data during this period. Any information transmitted to the Canadian authorities will be handled and stored according to Canadian law. If you do not agree to this transmission or if you modify or delete your data, your immigration or citizenship application may not be processed by the Canadian authorities. 

For questions regarding the rights of access, rectification, portability, and cancellation of personal data, subject to the regulations regarding official certifications, or for any question about our personal data protection policy, you may contact our data protection officer:

- via e-mail:

- via postal mail:   Délégué à la protection des données du CIEP, 1 avenue Léon Journault, 92318 Sèvres Cedex.