8. If I reside in France and I send my TCF for DAP application form late, what should I do?

It is imperative that you respect the deadlines for those documents necessary to your TCF for DAP registration. If it is received late, the CIEP will not offer you a date for a replacement session. However, if there are valid and justified reasons (postal service strikes, administrative problems, etc.), and the CIEP should receive your registration form late, it will then offer you a place in a replacement session organised in Sèvres on 2 March 2019 (and only this day). To register for a replacement session, a registration form will be provided online on 12 February 2019 (see question 7). The CIEP will send you a notification indicating the time of the session. Your journey to Paris will be at your own expense: under no circumstances will these expenses be covered by the Ministry or CIEP.