5. When should I register for the TCF for DAP and where should I enquire?

The TCF for DAP sessions for application for licence 1 or school of architecture for the 2019 academic year are open from Septembre 2018 and will be closed on 22 February 2019 for sessions in France and 7 February 2019 for sessions organised abroad.

Note: the dates for TCF for DAP sessions vary according to country. Some countries only organise one TCF for DAP session (generally in January or February), and others organise several (Algeria, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, Vietnam, etc.).

You are responsible for making enquiries, as soon as possible, to find out the dates of sessions organised in your country.

Note: If you make enquiries or apply too late, it will not be possible to take the TCF for DAP.

If you reside abroad, you must contact the departments of Cooperation and Cultural Action at the French embassy in your country. These departments will provide you with information on:

  • the dates for TCF for DAP sessions in your country
  • the TCF for DAP fees.

Once registered, you will take your TCF for DAP in an establishment (Institut français, Alliance française, Centre culturel français, university, etc.) that will be assigned to you by the French embassy.

If you are in France, you will take your TCF for DAP directly at the university or school of architecture to which you submitted your application. These establishments will organise the TCF for DAP sessions between 7 and 22 February only. After this date, you will no longer be able to take the TCF for DAP for the 2019-2020 academic year. You are responsible for directly contacting (before 22 January 2019) the departments of the university or school of architecture that will provide you with a pedagogical registration form.