2. If I wish to submit an application for licence 2, licence 3, master 1, master 2, business school or college, do I have to take the TCF for DAP?

You do not have to take the TCF for DAP, but you have to take the TCF. If you do not actually hold the DELF B2 ("General public" or "Junior/academic" or "Professional" version), DALF C1 or DALF C2, we highly recommend that you contact the French establishment to which you wish to apply as quickly as possible.

French higher education establishments may request an official certification of your level of proficiency in French, whether or not you reside in the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway.

Please note: in this case, you must apply for the TCF compulsory examinations (listening, language structures and reading). A number of higher education establishments also require that you take the optional TCF writing examination and possibly the speaking examination.

You should therefore check with the institution to which you have applied (or wish to apply to), to find out which examinations are required.

TCF sessions are organised each month in more than 700 test centres worldwide. The locations of test centres are listed on this page.

It is important that you contact the test centre of your choice, to find out the dates of sessions, fees and ways to register.

If you wish to take the TCF at a session organised by the CIEP-Sorbonne centre: www.ccfs-sorbonne.fr/-Centre-d-examen-TCF,156-.html