10. How long does the TCF for DAP last and what format does the test take?

The TCF for DAP lasts a total of 2 hours 25 minutes.

One part is comprised of:

  • an listening examination: 29 questions
  • a proficiency in language structures examination (grammar and lexicon): 18 questions
  • a reading examination: 29 questions

The three examinations last: 1 hour 25 minutes
and the other part, of

  • a writing test (composed of 3 tasks: write a message in a minimum of 60 words + write an article to give an account of an experience or a narrative in a minimum of 120 words + write a text comparing 2 points of view in a minimum of 120 words).

The writing examination lasts: 1 hour.

Word counting rule: is considered to be any set of symbols separated by spaces: "a good topic" = 3 words; "That is to say" = 1 word; "I have not seen him since the day before yesterday" = 7 words.

Important notice! Your writing test will not be corrected if:

  • - your handwriting is illegible,
  • - you do not write the minimum required for one of the tasks,
  • - one of your text is off topic.

Neither will it be marked if it is found to be fraudulent.