What is the NARIC network?

What is the NARIC network?

The NARIC (National Academic Recognition Information Centres) network was created in 1984 by the European Commission. The first mention of the network was made in action 3 of the Council decision of 15 June 1987 by which the Erasmus Community education programme was set up. This course of action was confirmed in the decision to introduce the Socrates programme, taken on 14 March 1995, in chapter 3, action 3 on promotion of the transfer of information and experiences.

What is the ENIC network?

Launched by UNESCO and the Council of Europe in 1997, the ENIC (European Network of Information Centres) network is founded on the same principles as the NARIC network.

The aim is to build, in the countries of Europe as defined by UNESCO, a network of points of contact able to provide statistics and information on legislation relating to higher education (recognition, quality assurance, LMD [Licence-Master-Doctorat, or degree-master's-doctorate] system, European credit transfer and accumulation system [ECTS], diploma supplement [DS] and accreditation of prior experiential learning [APEL]) and on the system of national diplomas.

More information on these two networks is available at: www.enic-naric.net

What is the ENIC-NARIC France centre?

Part of the CIEP since September 2004, the ENIC-NARIC France centre helps to promote international mobility by improving the transparency of foreign courses through the provision of certificates of recognition of study levels.

In partnership with a department in each local education office, it draws up certificates of recognition of study levels for foreigners, and provides information on education systems and the procedures to follow in order to work in a regulated profession, as part of the implementation of the Bologna Process whose aim is to promote mobility in Europe.

The ENIC-NARIC France centre also acts as a consultant to:

  • French interdepartmental committees, local education authorities, and employers regarding foreign qualifications;
  • centres in the ENIC-NARIC network or foreign institutions wishing to evaluate a French qualification.

For more information:
in october 2011: An exploration of the use and potential use of the European Qualifications Framework in qualifications recognition procedures of four ENIC-NARIC centres