Candidates for Sciences Po Paris

If you want to submit an application for the international admission procedure for Sciences Po Paris, it is compulsory to have a certificate of recognition of your level in French, therefore the TCF is strongly recommended. You must take all of the examinations:

  • Compulsory examinations
    - Listening
    - Proficiency in language structures
    - Reading
  • Optional examinations
    - Speaking
    - Writing

For application for the 2015 academic year, get in touch with your nearest approved TCF test centre as soon as possible. Aim to do the examination as soon as possible and before April 2015: should the results be unsatisfactory, you will have the opportunity to retake the TCF tests.



Once you have registered for a TCF session, it is of high importance to report this by email to the following address:

The following information must be included in the email:

  • your last name
  • your first name
  • the date of your TCF examination session
  • the country in which you are taking the TCF
  • the city in which you are taking the TCF

This information is very important as it enables the CIEP to quickly send your results directly to Sciences Po Paris. Your application thus depends on you following this procedure.