Optional examinations - Written expression

  • This test comprises six writing exercises, all of which are mandatory.
  • Candidates are not allowed to use reference grammars, dictionaries or electronic dictionaries.
  • Papers are marked at CIEP by a team of accredited markers. Each mark is double-checked.
  • Test duration: 1¾ hrs.

Sample writing exercises:

Exercise 1: Draft a simple, informal message of around 40 words in length, or fill out a form.

Exercise 2: Write a personal letter on a routine subject of approximately 60 words in length.
(Tests command of informal and familiar language registers).

Exercise 3: Write a summary of an experience or an event of approximately 80 words in length.

Exercise 4: Outline in writing (approximately 100 words) your personal opinion or emotions on a subject.

Exercise 5: Present and argue a case based on an input text discussing a social issue in a written piece of 100 to 125 words in length.

Exercise 6: Draft a summary of a text or document of approximately 100 words in length.