Optional examinations - Spoken expression - Sample papers

  • This is a spontaneous speaking test without any prior preparation.
  • The test is dispensed by an examiner and is given individually. Interviews are recorded on cassette and sent to CIEP for marking. Tests are marked by a team of accredited trainers and each mark is double-checked. The examiner's opinion is also taken into consideration during marking.
  • Test duration: 15 minutes.

Sample questions for speaking test:

Question 1: Do you work or are you a student? Please describe your job/studies.

Question 2: What did you do for your last holidays?

Question 3: What made you decide to sit this test?

Question 4: Is being able to speak at least one foreign language important? Why?

Question 5: Should minors be allowed to buy cigarettes?

Question 6: Nowadays, new communications technologies are constantly emerging, but do people communicate better than in the past?