Amiens Education Authority

The education authority
The Amiens education authority covers the entire Picardie region.


Geographical location
Picardie spans an area of 19,399km2 (making it the 14th-largest French region in terms of size) and comprises 3 départements: Aisne, Oise and Somme.
Picardie has maintained a very rural landscape, 70% of which is dominated by usable agricultural land. Afforestation accounts for a further 17% of the region, with the remaining 11% taken up by urban areas. At an altitude of 285m, Mont Watigny, located in Oise, dominates the region, and with over 700km of waterways and 1200km of rivers meandering through it, water also plays a central role in the region's landscape.
The city of Amiens is located:
- 1 hr 10 mins from Paris by train
- 3 hrs 30 mins from London by train
- 200km from Brussels

Picardie enjoys a temperate oceanic climate (thanks to its 70km of coastline) that becomes more continental the further east you go.

Tourist and cultural attractions
With a cultural heritage comprising over 150 sites, spanning from the prehistoric period to the 20th Century, Picardie is certainly a multifaceted region. From abbeys and cathedrals to museums, castles and fortresses, the region abounds with historical monuments and museographic centres to visit and explore.
Various forms of tourism bring visitors to the Picardie region, including the following:

  • Nature tourism, with the Baie de Somme (one of the most beautiful bays in the world), various forests and many gardens;
  • Cultural tourism, with the region's exceptional heritage of Gothic cathedrals (Amiens, Beauvais, etc.) and castles (including Chantilly and Pierrefonds, among others);
  • Nostalgic tourism, with the battelfields of Aisne and Somme and the Historial de la Grande Guerre ('Museum of the Great War') in Péronne;
  • Leisure tourism, with theme parks such as Parc Astérix.

Website offering a 360o virtual tour of Picardie.

Website in English about the Picardie region.

The place of the teaching assistant within the education authority
The national plan for reforming the teaching of modern languages has revived the role of language assistants within our education system by placing the emphasis firmly on communication.

We have two key objectives with regards to your stay in France:
- to improve the international outlook of our schools
- to contribute to the language diversification policy within the French education system.
You will work, first and foremost, with modern language teachers and will be assigned a position in the secondary education system for most of the time.
You will help to develop pupils' language and cultural skills as part of the foreign language-learning process and will therefore also be called upon for the following:
- to provide educational support;
- to participate in paid English language courses organised during the school holidays for all public lycée pupils wishing to partake in the scheme.

You might also lend your support in other ways, such as the following:
- with other subjects;
- with language laboratory or documentary research work;
- with specific cultural or linguistic projects or even a trip to a foreign country.

Website for foreign teaching assistants