Expertise and auditing in education

In the field of education, CIEP's mission is to promote French educational expertise.
The role of CIEP is to:

  • Participate in collaborative projects run with French funding, such as projects funded by the Priority Solidarity Fund, the French Development Agency or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Respond to multilateral invitations to tender and calls for proposals and manage projects undertaken by French and European partnerships. In this field of activity, CIEP strives to play a role as coordinator of French efforts and to encourage the participation of French experts in projects receiving multilateral funding, such as those of the European Commission, the World Bank or regional development banks.

In its function as skills coordinator for general teaching and for professional teaching projects, CIEP has acquired solid references on account of its expertise, in addition to its project guidance, systems evaluation management, curricular reform and adaptation, quality in education, technical and professional teaching and short higher education teaching in technology, particularly in developing countries.

The development of these activities also involves the organisation of international conferences that are vital for establishing networks and providing visibility for French expertise as well as accommodating foreign delegations for which the organisation was given responsibility in 2005. The Revue internationale d'éducation de Sèvres contributes to debate and reflection in that field.

General teaching



Professional teaching



Academic Recognition Information