Check if my profession is regulated

For many professions, exercise is regulated, that is to say subject to authorisation issued by a competent authority
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A regulated profession is a profession whose exercise is regulated, that is to say, subject to authorisation by a competent authority designated by the host State. In addition to the nationality of persons, the nationality of the qualifications must also be taken into account.

From lawyer/barrister and doctor to hairdresser or meat processor, there are hundreds of professions that are subject to obtaining specific qualifications, certifications or registration with official professional bodies in order to be exercised.

There are two major categories of regulated professions:

- Licensed professions and Ministerial offices, regarded as public service missions including, among others, notaries, lawyers/barristers, bailiffs, architects, doctors, pharmacists, paramedics etc.

- Commercial and craft professions primarily group together occupations relating to the car trade, (repairers, sales staff), construction (major building projects, joinery), health or beauty care (hairdresser, optician, masseur).

This short list is not exhaustive, the AIC and the ENIC-NARIC France provides access to a directory of regulated professions in France and indicating the appropriate competent authorities.

  • Directory of regulated professions:

The above accessible directory lists in order, regulated professions in France in alphabetical order. You will find for each profession the coordinates of the appropriate competent authorities and information on the steps to be taken depending on the origin of your qualification (qualification from within the European Union or from outside the European Union).

In the event that your profession is regulated : :

The ENIC-NARIC Centre France is the national contact point for the regulated professions within the meaning of Directive 2005/36 / EC. As such, the ENIC-NARIC Centre France:

  • Give details on the procedures to pursue in respect of regulated professions in France.
  • It directs applicants to the appropriate authorities who are able to issue authorisation to carry out a given profession in France.